Why don’t I live in a condo?

I have asked myself that question a thousand times over the past couple of months while I’m either knee deep in dirt, loading a trailer full rocks and mulch at Lowe’s, or when I’m groaning in pain while trying to move any part of my body.

“Lord, wouldn’t a condo with no yard be like heaven? “ Having no yard work would free me up for fun, not to mention the extra money I would have in my checking account.

I’ll tell you the reason –I love the privacy and freedom a large yard provides and we love to have parties.  Especially in the summer when we can enjoy being outside.   Oh – and the DOGS.  When we saw this house while looking to buy one, the first thought I had was this would be a great place for our dogs and they love it here.

Did I mention that while my husband and I were nearly killing ourselves over this past weekend in the 100 degree heat, the dogs were inside, lounging in the air conditioned comfort of THEIR house.

The downside of this size of yard is the never ending upkeep.   Val’s Tree Service is coming by this afternoon to give a quote on removing a very large tree that is about to overtake our garage.  That will be another chunk of change.   But it’s worth it ….. NOW.  It’s been a few days since we’ve finished the digging, mulching and planting and I can get out of bed without groaning so loud I wake the dogs.  The yard looks great.

Because we have an automatic feeder and a doggie door, the dogs have the run of the house and yard so they can stay home when I’m traveling.  My husband and I are headed out to a family vacation in Colorado soon and we are leaving the dogs behind.  I told my dog sitter who will be staying here to have as many parties as she wants.   The yard looks great and Lord knows I’m too tired to throw one!


One response to “Why don’t I live in a condo?

  1. I have nearly an acre that I can’t keep up by myself anymore so I am selling it 🙂 I will miss the great yard, but it is just so much work…it has it’s up and down moments, but I know in the long run a smaller house with a baby yard will be better for us…and like you, I will not be too tired to party anymore!!!!!!!!

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