Just Be.

This Thanksgiving has been quiet and somewhat solitary. I’ve been able to reflect on just how amazing life is…. I’m thankful to be.

I’ve spent time appreciating the amazing color of the trees in fall, the goofiness of my dog, the unbelievable joy I get from yoga, the tenderness I feel for my sweetheart, and just breathing in and out.

Life is so short and it seems to me we just forget to just be…. Breathing. Enjoying.

So instead of being something (thankful, joyful, happy, etc)… I’ve taken time this Thanksgiving, to just be.

~ Michaela

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This was a very untraditional Thanksgiving for me.  My husband left for his Mother’s house on Tuesday and I flew to my parent’s new place in Texas on Friday after Thanksgiving.  This meant I was home with only the dogs for company on Thanksgiving day.  I had leftovers from dinner with friends the night before and did one of my favorite things – I went to the theater to see The Decendants.  I had theater popcorn for my main meal and it was a great day !

On Friday morning, my Sister and I flew to Pharr, TX to spend a few days with our parents and grandmother at a retirement resort community where they are staying for the winter.

My sister and I both live to eat.  She routinely shares her menu wish list well before she arrives so we are eating fabulous meals made up of childhood favorites during our extended visit.  We are thoroughly enjoying our ‘All Inclusive’ Resort Vacation in South Texas with family.

~ Susan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This (and every) Thanksgiving I’m thankful for:
A large, intrusive, inappropriate and completely awesome extended family, that I’m never more thankful for than around the holidays
Friends that make me laugh out loud just thinking about the fun we have had and will have together
My little dog Ellie, who I just can’t get enough of
A job that allows me to live a life that I truly enjoy
And finally,
The honest people that Marriott employs, who are FedEx-ing me the computer that I left in their hotel over the weekend.
– Erin

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