Retirement – I’m Ready !

I’ve spent the last five days in South Texas with my folks who are wintering here in a retirement RV resort.  It’s not what you think either.  These ‘RVs’ are single or double wide trailers, many with lots of add ons.   My folks are in one with a large ‘Texas’ room that makes for a huge great room.  It has two bedrooms and two baths with a great front porch and lots of room.   I’m thinking when I retire, this resort in South Texas  may be the place for me.   My husband and I have thought in the past that we would keep our house in St. Louis and maybe winter in Florida or someplace warm.  However, our St. Louis house is very large with a pretty high monthly maintenance.  I’m starting to think it’s best to consolidate into one smaller home in a friendlier climate.  It’s  winter here but it’s beautiful during the day (mid-80s) and cools way down at night (45 – 50).   Perfect in my book.  Also, because we are only a few miles from the gulf, there seems to be a nice steady breeze to keep you cool during the day.

There is no end to the activities at this RV resort – special outings to plays or to see Christmas lights, biking, happy hours, pot lucks, dominos, card playing, bingo (more about that later).  There is a large swimming pool, hot tubs, a golf course, wood working shop, tennis courts, shuffleboard and even a pool hall with regular couples tournaments.  You get the picture.  If you want to retire and keep busy, this is the place.  Most of the activities are free or are a nominal  fee.

About bingo, some in the bingo hall were none too happy to see a young whipper snapper like myself win at bingo.  I was warned by a lady when paying for the cards, “‘You better not win. Ha ha just kidding”.  We both knew she wasn’t kidding.  During a restroom break  after I won, guess who followed me in?  The same lady and she immediately dinged me for winning.  “I told you you better not win a game.  Ha ha – just kidding” (NOT!).   Then all the questions.  “How much did you win, did you have to split the pot…..”   Wow, I’m as competitive as the next gal but I guess when your source of extra income is bingo, the gang doesn’t want any outsiders coming in and taking the goods.  I walked out with a whopping $4 in winnings. 

Lots of the women’s mags I subscribe to are touting ‘reinventing yourself after retirement’.  The only reinventing I’m thinking I need to do is drastically downsize my life and work on my bingo strategy so I can piss off the old ladies in the bingo hall !



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