Sheality’s New Years Resolutions

Here are some disturbing statistics released in a poll by the  Opinion Corporation of Princeton, New Jersey:

  • 62% of people make New Years resolutions
  • 8% are successful
  • 19% achieve resolutions every other year
on average
  • 49% have infrequent success
  • 24% NEVER succeed and have failed on EVERY resolution EVERY year!

So we at Sheality decided that we were not going to make the usual, vague, unattainable resolutions. The weight loss, the exercise, getting more sleep – it’s all been done and undone.  We were going to resolve to do just ONE attainable thing that we have never done before.  Happy New Year!

You made your bed, now lie in it….

This year I am going to make my bed every day. Gretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project, which is an account of the year she spent test-driving studies and theories about how to be happier.  And to her amazement, her findings showed that the most significant thing you can do on a daily basis to be happier is to make your bed. Not make more money, not being in a relationship, not meditating, not exercising – making your bed.  And there are two very good reasons why it works. First, it is a resolution you can keep. Even if you end up making it two minutes before you get in it, you did it. Victory! And it also just lends some order and peacefulness to the place where you sleep. And you can find your shoes.  Now there may be some of you out there who grew up with a drill sergeant for a parent and are trying to escape the strict rules of your upbringing and for you I say – DON’T make your bed every day and enjoy the freedom!- Jen

Being of sound mind and body…

My husband and I have said for the last few years that we absolutely HAVE to write up our wills.  As we are packing to go to the Dominican Republic on Saturday, and once again getting on a plane together, I am once again kicking myself for not having a will.  While I don’t plan on leaving this life any too soon, I don’t want to leave any more of my hard earned assets to the government than I have to. 

Yesterday I found an on-line document (Rocket Lawyer) so have at least started the process.  It was not as painful as I feared.  Now I have to actually make an appointment with an attorney so my husband and I can make it official.  This is something I am definitely doing this year and since tasks like this take me a long time to actually finalize, I need to make that appointment soon.  After this is our living wills and discussions about burial (or cremation) and other very important decisions.  Getting old sucks , and planning for getting old sucks,  but it’s the responsible thing to do and its better than the alternative…..

– Susan

Evaluating my emotional footprint

Recently, Jen turned me on to a great zenhabits blog and it has really been capturing for me many related threads that have been developing in my life. I am a firm believer that to change anything on the outside, you need to change the inside and I have been a road that brings me to this place where I ultimately want to develop my ability to be a more considered person… that is, for the thing I want to do for 2012, I want to be able to consciously evaluate my emotional footprint  and consciously choose my behaviors… everything from tone of voice (my last post) to what I put in my mouth to how I interact with others. 

So the first thing I want to do more of is sit and watch – something that helps bring that joy and appreciation of the moment. It makes me feel that I am taking a step outside the moment in a way that leads me to really appreciate this exact moment and the crazy confluence of events that it may represent. There is no other time like right now – ever. That is just an amazing fact and reflecting on it brings me the equanimity that I crave in my life.

With this as a first step, I think I will be able to more successfully move towards consideration of the moment and conscious choice of my action, my tone and well, just about everything.

– Michaela

Back to school

This year I’m going to start taking classes again.  Not necessarily toward a degree (at least at first), but classes to start learning new things. I’ve been feeling lately that my life has started to revolve only around working, and I need to add a few things (besides drinking cocktails with friends all weekend) to mix it up a bit.   

So I’m planning for two classes right now: Italian  (I’m planning a trip to Italy in June and would like to know the basics) and Woodworking for the Total Beginner (I want to refinish furniture and would like to do it the right way).  I’m really excited about not only learning both, but having more of a variety of activities going on. 

Eventually, I think I’d like to get another degree but in the mean time, I’m going to get back into the swing of things with just the fun stuff.    🙂

– Erin

Estate planning

This year I will hire an estate planning attorney and ‘have papers drawn up.’  Granted, I don’t really have an ‘estate’, but I’m single and I have no children.  It’s not totally obvious what I’d like to do with the things I have accumulated.  For instance, who gets my egg collection?  And my fourteen containers of costume jewelry? And my dogs?  My little one that is at least 12, is on daily medicine and is well-known at the vet’s office will have everyone fighting over him so I need to settle that now!  But really, I want to provide financial assistance to the person who does wind up with him.  But mainly I’m concerned about my Mom.  She juggles a lot of responsibilities already and I’m an only child.  If anything does happen to me, I wouldn’t want to unnecessarily add to her burden.  This year, I’m going to do the grown-up thing.  I’m going to get a will and a trust with clear directions on how to dispose of my assets.  At the same time, I’ll be working hard to see that she never needs it 🙂

– Lori


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