About Us

Michaela, Erin, Lori, Jen, Susan

The corporate world brings you into contact with so many types of people – both good and bad, sometimes really really bad. And yet every once and awhile, you meet a person (or four) that are a breath of fresh air.

Our group became friends over the last few years working for a ridiculously large high tech company. After hearing each other snark, laugh and complain… we sought each other out, spent quality time together drinking, traveling and, of course, snarking… and SHEality was born.

SHEality isn’t about work, it is about 5 women, 5 cities, 5 jobs, 7 dogs and no kids…

We are a group of professional women who work in order to support the life we love… one filled with eating, traveling, dogging, cooking (at least some of us) and gabbing.

Join us for what we hope to be an entertaining time talking about the things that cross our mind.

A little about us…

Susan – From the great city of St. Louis, Susan loves to cook, watch cooking and reality TV, travel (although a homebody when home), throw amazingly well organized parties that always have a theme and a tchotchke! and you will find she sets a mean table. Valentine and Cooper are her beloved dogs – an Australian shepherd mix with a heart on her side and a Chihuahua/terrier mix respectively – and Mike, her very tolerant husband.

Lori – The southerner of the bunch, Lori finds her home in the southeast since returning to North Florida. Music and the outdoors are her loves. She is usually on, in, or near the water whether at the beach, in a boat, or just watching the sun set.  Lori can also be seen on a bicycle or with a lighter, or a lighter app, at a concert.  Her dogs are rescue poodles, Oz and Monte.

Erin – Born, bred and still living within the same few square miles in Philadelphia, Erin is our groups’ 12-year old little brother (sister really, but her humor is truly that of a 12 year old boy). The youngest of the bunch, Erin has Ellie, the cockapoo she rescued (from a breeder). She’s got a mean coffee habit, she’s a cornhole champion (we didn’t know what that was either), and she can nail any pop culture or reality TV trivia, but doesn’t do so well at grammar, history or literature.

Jen – the New Yorker of the bunch, Jen is quite a package! Recently degreed with an MA in public policy she is absolutely a do-gooder with a bad attitude – the more good she does, the more she truly dislikes the human race. She grew up on Long Island yet she’s not a fan of Jersey Shore, or any reality TV really. She travels by herself or with a pack of gays – close old friends who, as long as there isn’t a Jonathan Adler warehouse sale, are always there for her. Jen has been known to bring a person to tears by questioning their very existence, or at least their current outfit, with her “really?… really?”. Lyle is her adorable dachshund/Chihuahua pound puppy.

Michaela – Michaela is our living breathing San Francisco bay area stereotype…yes, she does drive a Prius and practice excessive yoga. But, she also throws down with Russian Kettlebells just to mix it up. Hailing from the great American southwest, she has lived in many places and picked up the pace of her transiency after marrying. She and her husband, Pete, have resided in 13 places in their 10 years of marriage, including two Maui moves. Her new Swiss Moutain puppy, Zuger, is putting on about 5 pounds a week in his quest to exceed her weight by his second birthday.


4 responses to “About Us

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  2. Thanks for the link up!!! Love your blog 🙂

  3. Is it weird to say I already love you guys and I’ve only read one post? I came across you via Abby (who is a good cyber-friend) as she vented about mommy blogs. I’m a currently unemployed information professional (aka librarian) in Portland, OR. We moved here for the job and I left behind the best group of gal pals I’ve ever known. Love Portland but meeting new friends w/o work is really tough.
    Sorry for the ramble but I will be checking back in!

    • Thanks for stopping by Catherine! Yeah we are all friends who live in different cities, we all wish we lived closer. But this blog keeps us talking to each other every week. I can relate. I live in NYC and would love to leave but I fear moving elsewhere on my own. You’re braver than me. I also have friends who moved to Portland from NYC and have had a hard time breaking in with friends as well. Maybe its the weather? Come back and check in on us!

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