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Survivor: High School Reunion Edition

Why didn’t I know that my high school reunion weekend would be an absolute blast?

I arrived just in time to learn that my friends had been permanently kicked out of the hospitality room at the hotel, at 5:00 in the afternoon!   The hotel was surprised that high school reunion attendees congregated and talked in the hospitality room?  Really?

So, I escaped day one with no bathing suit required.  Then in a lucky twist, Saturday started out overcast and later saw light rain.  So, I got to hang on the beach and by the pool without looking conspicuously overdressed, even though I never took off my cover up!

I don’t know what I was worried about or why I thought I wouldn’t have anything to say to these people.   Many of them knew me on a daily basis back in the day and I have known some since elementary school.  There was absolutely nothing to prove and lots of catching up to do.  It was like the years hadn’t even passed.

Except now I dance.  One of my coffee cups says ‘dance as though no one is watching you’, and I did!  My feet aren’t hindered by shoes much since I work from home and they didn’t appreciate my dancing like a crazy person in heels.  But, I planned ahead, and just switched to flat sandals after I developed blisters.

It was hilarious to see seven of my male classmates dancing around in shades and various accessories, like boas, chaps, and red wigs, to ‘YMCA’ and then serenading our female reunion coordinator.

My classmates
My classmates!              Original, uncropped photo by Jeffords Studio

Then there is the person that none of my friends remember from high school, and it wasn’t a large class.  (We even verified that he is, in fact, in multiple year books.)  But, now we know him from the reunions.  He came all the way from Washington State for the reunion, again.

When I was young, I thought you grew up and became more responsible, more admirable, more “grown up”.  Then I became “grown up” and realized everyone still has most of the same characteristics or idiosyncrasies they had when they were young; they are just older.   Most are still just as outrageous or funny or sweet as they were.  We still feel like those teenagers inside and stayed up until 3 a.m. both nights to prove it!

I heard somewhere that it’s good to have friends who remember you from your youth and my reunion supported that theory.  I don’t think I even noticed the grey hair or wrinkles on my friends.

Everyone was disappointed to leave when Sunday rolled around.  So, rather than wait for the next five year reunion, we’re planning a group trip the year of our next milestone birthday.  And, I’m planning to spend the upcoming holiday weekend in South Carolina with a classmate I hadn’t seen since graduation, yet we picked up right where we left off.  I’m sure I’ll smile for days straight again.

Good things definitely come from high school reunions!  Make sure you go and see what surprisingly good things come from yours!

~ Lori

Another believer in the Souza verse


Motivation and High School Reunions

I’m trying to get motivated to shop.  I have a high-school reunion in a few weeks and would like to have new things to wear for the weekend of activities.  I won’t say what reunion it is, but it’s a milestone year and I haven’t seen the vast majority of these people in a looonnng time.

OH, it’s also at the beach.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach and spend more than my share of time at the beach.  But the thought of wearing a bathing suit in front of these people is more than a little intimidating!  I am much more accepting of my body and myself than I was in high school, but there’s more to accept.

One of the disadvantages of working from home is never having the right clothes to actually go places.  I don’t want to be too trendy and look like I’m trying to fight my age, but I’m not stuck in a time warp, either.  I don’t want to be too casual like I didn’t care what they thought.  I don’t want to dress too formally and appear snobbish, since I’m pretty sure I’m not in that category.  Maybe I’m over-analyzing…..

And what do you talk about?  Their children?  While I appreciate that raising children is the most admirable and difficult job, I just don’t have much to add to that conversation since I haven’t done it.  Their job?  I’m blessed, but the economic woes have affected many people in my life, so I consider it a minefield subject and wouldn’t bring it up even if you tried to make me.  Life back then?  It’s so far removed from my current life that it seems another person went to high school in that town.

Why am I even going to this reunion?  I get the little information I require about my classmates, and then some, from Facebook.  I remember.  I’ve renewed a friendship with someone I knew in high school.  He’s very extroverted, lived in multiple large neighborhoods, and knows everyone.  He has great memories of high school.  I can’t remember most of the things he tells me and get that dazed and confused look.  I’m not good at pretending, either.

But, I might be the one to recognize the face of the attendee that not one other person can recall.  It could be nice to see the friend who let me wear his letter jacket on the football bus when I was freezing because my brother let someone else wear his.  Maybe I could get inspiration from the couple who got married during high school and ARE STILL married although they suffered the tragedy of losing a child in the service.

Our classmate’s recent widower could probably use some encouragement and distraction.  And the friend, practically a sister, who included me as her maid-of-honor will be there, too.  It would definitely be good to see the friend who routinely made me laugh so hard that I thought I’d have an accident.  I lived in her neighborhood while waiting for our new house to be built after our old one burned down.  And I could see my friend who is still recovering from a serious illness.

Okay, got to run.  I hear a store calling my name.


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