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Capturing sweetness

Recently my father in law passed away. At too young an age… unexpected, sad.

Events like this somehow tweak your perspective and I’ve had flashes of great insight during these trying times. When I can get there, it is so sweet and savory that I’ve been trying to capture it.

The best I can explain is that the goodness is to remember that nothing lasts forever. For me, this small simple key seems to unlock my ability to enjoy true happiness and more importantly, contentment.

That is to say, life is sad, happy, angry, frustrating and joyful – all at once and all at different times, for different lengths of time. But right now, embody….down to your tippy toes… that this moment, this night, this job, this weather, this health, this relationship, this pet, this situation WILL CHANGE.

If you can truly feel it and appreciate the feelings that you are having, good or bad – the challenge of your colleagues, the stress of your job, the joy in your dog, the battle with fitness, the achievement of your day – you are truly living and that is all we have.  Because it will change, just as it has always changed….Then one day we are gone.

If you waste all your time being so stuck in the actual emotion at the second, really stuck, and not just watching it all flow by and experiencing it, you have truly missed out.

Life is unbearably sweet and precious! Step back, smile and marvel at the wonder of it all.

~ Michaela


Cher got me out of bed again this morning

Alright so you and I both know it’s important to exercise regularly (boosts mood, improves sex life, etc.)… you are likely as bombarded with this message every day as I am. That said, I am an absolute believer and more importantly, I have to confess that I’m addicted.

I work out on average 5.5 days a week… some weeks 6 days, some weeks 5 days. While my obsession hasn’t yet propelled me to everyday workouts, I have been known to try to pull off as many doubles (two exercise sessions per day) as I can per week (when work was slower).

On top of all of that, I’m a morning person… that is right, usually really early morning. (Luckily, apparently morning people hold all the “important cards” when it comes to business success). But regardless, I can’t help it.

I love the morning, the quiet, the calm, the coffee, the productivity… I could go on and on, but I’m sure all you night people are just about ready to click away from this blog.

So let’s get back to exercise… even being a morning person, that isn’t to say that I don’t suffer from motivational issues from day to day. You look at any exercise mag cover and you’ll see loads of articles on how to motivate your lazy bones to get moving

The reality is, it is hard.. really really hard. The pillow pulls you down, the warmth of the blankets and the cool air feel soooo good. What is a person to do?

Channel Cher. That’s right… channel Cher.

I read an interview with her years and years ago… so many years that I can’t find it on the web anyway (likely 15-20 years so pre-web.. yikes!). An intrepid interviewer was asking her how she stayed motivated to keep such a rockin body… and she said something to the effect of:

I make a promise that if I start, I can quit after 10 minutes

The genius of it! The point is that any morning I am struggling with it, I get to the place where I channel Cher and promise that I’ll just start my workout and if within 10 minutes, I can’t do it anymore or want to go back to bed, I can. After all these years, I haven’t ever quit after 10 minutes.

It is cher sheer genius!

And I’ll tell you what… it routinely gets my butt out of bed in between 4 and 5am to get through a workout in time to get to work and bust my hump. You may be reading this asking why I don’t just exercise in the PM. Tried it.. just can’t make it work for me. I’ve come to learn it is because of decision fatigue (fascinating article on this), but by the end of any regular day, I’ve made too many decisions to make the somewhat challenging one of getting my lazy bones through a workout.

So there you have it… all you need is a little Cher and you’ll be rockin your workouts. Seriously, get your Cher on!

– Michaela


Update: check out this article that advises getting in the game and early morning workouts! yeah!!